Jared Roesch

Computer Science PhD Student
University of Washington
Office: CSE 518
Lab: CSE 407


Jan 16 2017: Leo, Gabriel, Sebastian and I gave a tutorial on Lean at POPL 2017 in Paris.
Oct 23 2016: Luke will present a poster on our work on a secure eBPF compiler at OSDI 2016!

You have stumbled upon the personal website of Jared Roesch.

I’m a second year PhD student in the PLSE group at the University of Washington. I am advised by Zach Tatlock. I am interested in designing new tools for building and reasoning about critical software.

I currently am working on a couple different projects. Most recently I have been constructing verified compilers for adversarial environments, in particular one for eBPF in the Linux kernel. I am also writing a native code generator for the Lean programming language and theorem prover. When time permits I attempt to contribute to Rust.

I was previously at the University of California Santa Barbara where I was a member of the PL Lab and the ArchLab.

In my professional life I worked at the now defunct Zentopy on a cloud file system, at Invoca on distributed systems and infrastructure, and Mozilla Research on the Rust programing language.

In my personal life I grew up in sunny California and have spent most of my life there. I enjoy cooking, listening, writing and playing music, reading, type theory, hacking, coffee, and sleep (when I can).

I am always interested in working with motivated undergraduates who are interested in verification, compiler hacking, type theory, and more. Feel free to contact me about doing research.

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